Robin Rowe Organizing USC Innovation Conference 2018

USC Center for Global Innovation presents 150 Tech Executives Speaking at the 3rd annual USC Innovation Conference




With over 150 VIP speakers and limited to just 400 attendees, the USC Innovation Conference is one of the world’s most intimate and exclusive events for innovation makers. The all-day event is organized into 4 tracks of more than two dozen panels: aerospace, AI, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, branding, consulting, crowdfunding, cybersecurity, diversity, energy, enterprise, EDU, gaming, growth, Hollywood, incubators, journalism, millennials, mind shift, SoCal, social good, sports, venture capital, virtual reality, wellness, and workspaces.


The USC Innovation Conference is Friday, January 19th, 2018, from 8am to 8pm.


Doubletree by Hilton – Westside
6161 West Centinela Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230
From LAX, take Sepulveda Blvd. north 3.7 miles.


In a world ruled by Moore’s Law, not only the number of transistors on a chip has been doubling every 18 months, innovation itself seems tied to that rate. Within each industry, it’s a challenge for innovators to keep up with this breakneck pace. The USC Innovation Conference provides a place where industry and academic leaders meet their peers across industries, catch up and find new opportunities for collaboration between companies and between USC and other research institutions that are members of the California universities system.


Speakers include…

  • 20th Century Fox President Chris Aronson
  • Warner Bros. EVP Thomas Gewecke
  • U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Submarine Forces Rear Admiral Daryl L. Caudle
  • Interorbital Systems CEO Randa Milliron
  • Virgin Orbit VP Special Projects William Pomerantz
  • Deloitte Digital Chair Jay Samit
  • Intel Capital VR Managing Director Stephen Saltzman
  • SAE Jack Pokrzywa
  • JD Powers Chelsea Sexton
  • Edelman U.S. Head of Digital Jessica Clifton
  • Omnicom Ignition Factory Director Chris Denson
  • TBWA\Chiat\Day LA CTO John Deschner
  • MPRM Chairman Rachel McCallister
  • Phenomenon Chairman & CEO Krishnan Menon
  • DOW Jones Security Chief Rob Sloan
  • GE Water Grids Emrah Ercan
  • DWP Kecia Washington
  • LACI founder Fred Walti
  • TiVo CEO Enrique Rodriguez
  • UCLA Biomechatronics Director Veronica Santos
  • Expert Dojo founder Brian MacMahon
  • Tech Crunch Co-founder Keith Teare
  • Los Angeles Times Clint Schaff
  • Tech Crunch editor Jonathan Shieber
  • Goodwill SoCal CEO Patrick McClenahan
  • American Cancer Society Cesley Toyfoya
  • Edward Charles Foundation Chair Kent Sexton
  • Cross Campus Co-founder Dan Dato
  • More….

How Much/Registration

$149 general admission includes meals, $75 for students. Limited quantity: Tickets

Questions: 310-359-8796

Conference Sessions

Time Room Title Topic Moderator
8:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM Pacifica A David Florence Introductions Breakfast
9:00 AM Mariana Thinking Machines Mean Business AI/BI Kristoffer Nelson
9:00 AM Pacifica A Rethinking Enterprise Innovation Enterprise Tim Bajiren
9:00 AM Playa Vista Upstarts – Millennials Innovators Millennials Andy Mandel
9:00 AM Redondo Artificial & Virtual Reality AR / VR Robin Rowe
10:00 AM Mariana $1 Trillion AUM VCs Robin Rowe
10:00 AM Pacifica A Fung Shui – Worspace Innovation Workspaces Lew Horne
10:00 AM Playa Vista SoCal Incubators Incubators Chris Rico
10:00 AM Redondo Traditional Sports & eCampions Sports David Metzer
11:00 AM Mariana Minshift Innovation: Spiritual Intelligence Mindshift Busard/Pajand
11:00 AM Pacifica A Consulting Helps Innovation Consulting Joshua Geffon
11:00 AM Playa Vista Rethinking Automobiles Automotive Chelsea Sexton
11:00 AM Redondo The Entertainment Disrupters Entertainment Mitch Berman
12:00 PM TBA: Studio CEO Lunch
1:00 PM Innovation Imperative Gerard J. Tellis
2:00 PM Mariana Future of Crowdfunding Crowdfunding Darren Marble
2:00 PM Pacifica A New Venture Innovation Growth Growth Mike Varhos
2:00 PM Playa Vista Innovation at eUSC EDU David Florence
2:00 PM Redondo Music’s Future Music Mitch Berman
3:00 PM Mariana Social Good & Tech Non-Profit Kent Sexton
3:00 PM Pacifica A Green Tech Disruption Energy Fred Walti
3:00 PM Playa Vista Underwater & Outer Space Aerospace Mark Siegfried
3:00 PM Redondo Blockchain – Disrupting Your Wallet Cryptocurrency Robin Rowe
4:00 PM Mariana Diverse Talent for Innovation Diversity Debra Langford
4:00 PM Pacifica A Brand – By Any Other Name Branding Robin Rowe
4:00 PM Playa Vista Innovation in SoCal Universities SoCal EDU Clint Schaff
4:00 PM Redondo Traditional Sports and eChampions Gaming Culture Mitch Berman
5:00 PM Mariana Wellness – Health Through Innovation Healthcare Mark Sadovnick
5:00 PM Pacifica A Cybersecurity Cybersecurity
5:00 PM Playa Vista The New Journalism News Robin Rowe
5:00 PM Redondo International Innovation International Mitch Berman
6:00 PM Cocktail Reception in Ballroom Terrace Reception
7:00 PM Dinner in Redondo Beach and Playa Vista Dinner

Conference Speakers

Topic First Last Title Source
Aerospace Rear Admiral Caudle Commander Submarine Forces U.S. Pacific Fleet Rowe
Aerospace Randa Milliron CEO Interorbital Systems
Aerospace Jan Monica
Aerospace William Pomerantz Virgin Orbit VP Special Projects Rowe
Aerospace Stephen Rodriguez One Defense Founder
Aerospace Mark Siegfried Moss Adams Moderator
AI/BI Geeta Sasspal IBM
AI/BI Lloyd Marion
AI/BI Russ Rands AI Author
AI/BI Kristofer Nelson Moderator
AR/VR Jay Samit Deloitte Digital Chair
AR/VR Stephen Saltzman Intel Capital VR Managing Dir. Rowe
AR/VR Ashley Crowder
AR/VR Scott Ross
AR/VR Johann Huber
AR/VR Robin Rowe Venture Hollywood Moderator
Automotive Jack Pokrzywa SAE Director
Automotive Chelsea Sexton JD Power Moderator
Blockchain Greg Gilman Science Blockchain Founder
Blockchain John Gustav Garland & Mellina Partner
Blockchain Carey Ransom Founder
Blockchain Mahbod Moghadam Everipedia Founder
Blockchain David Moss EOS
Blockchain Joe Roets Dragonchain Founder (Disney)
Blockchain Robin Rowe Venture Hollywood Moderator
Branding Jessica Clifton Edelman U.S. Head of Digital Rowe
Branding Chris Denson Dir Ignition Factory at Omnicom Rowe
Branding John Deschner CIO TBWA\Chiat\Day LA Rowe
Branding Rachel McCallister Chairman MPRM Rowe
Branding Krishnan Menon Chairman & CEO Phenomenon Rowe
Branding Robin Rowe Venture Hollywood Moderator
Consulting Trent Brown Deloitte
Consulting Maricel Camacho Accenture
Consulting John Dreschner
Consulting Jeff Hill BCG
Consulting Darren Jackson Bain
Consulting Scott Porter EY
Consulting Joahua Geffen Vistage Chief Research Officer Moderator
Crowdfunding Alon Goren Crowd Investment Summit
Crowdfunding Steve McClurg
Crowdfunding Joe Roets Dragonchain/Disney
Crowdfunding Darren Marble Crowdfund X CEO Moderator
Cybersecurity Rob Sloan DOW Jones Security Chief
Cybersecurity Tim Zaw Verizon
Cybersecurity Mark Herschberg Averon CTO
Cybersecurity Robin Rowe Moderator
Diversity Barbara Bickham Innovator
Diversity Yasmin Davidds USC Marshall
Diversity Kimberly Farrell Unlimited Performance Training
Diversity Hilary Gadsby
Diversity Jamie Lee Nike
Diversity Dolly Singh Thesis Couture
Diversity Larry Taylor NACD
Diversity Debra Landford USC Asst. Dir. Moderator
Energy Emrah Ercan SUEZ Water Digital Strategy Dir.
Energy Gary Gero
Energy Yair Crane U.S.-China Clean Tech Center
Energy Dr. Feng An
Energy David Nahai
Energy Fred Walti LACI Moderator
Enterprise Roger Holstien
Enterprise Chet Pipken Belkin Founder
Enterprise John McGanty Internet Brands GM
Enterprise John Suh Legalzoom CEO
Enterprise Nolan Bushnell Atari Founder
Enterprise Tim Bajarin Moderator
Entertainment Chris Aronson 20th Century Fox President Rowe
Entertainment Deny Tu
Entertainment Melva Benoit
Entertainment Carolyn Fraterman
Entertainment Enrique Rodriguez CEO TiVo Rowe
Entertainment Mitch Berman Moderator
eUSC Annenberg
eUSC Viterbi
eUSC Irene Kang Keck Research Fellow Rowe
eUSC Pai-Ling Yin
eUSC David Florence Moderator
eSports Jakob Mjlhede
eSports Ann Hand
eSports Brian Weinstein
eSports Kevin Lin
eSports Bruce Stein Moderator
International Stephen Chueng
International Yair Crane
International Dr. Feng An
International Tom Hajdu
International Keith Teare
International Moderator
Growth Bibop Gresta Hyperloop Chairman
Growth Andres Dahl Former President Guthy Renker
Growth Tom Hajdu Disrupter AU
Growth Jon Kraft Pandora Co-founder
Growth Joe Galvin
Growth Veronica Santos UCLA Biomechatronics Director Rowe
Growth Mike Varhos Moderator
Inncubators Bill Carpou Octane
Inncubators Gary Livingston 805 Startups
Inncubators Len Lanzi
Inncubators Brian MacMahon Expert Dojo
Inncubators Andy Wilson Innovate Pasadena
Inncubators Chris Rico Innovate L.A. Moderator
Journalism Matt Coolidge Civil Co-founder
Journalism Andre Damon World Socialist Website Journalist
Journalism Nancy Mendoza The Canary Dir. Communications
Journalism Mahbod Moghadam Everipedia Founder
Journalism Clint Schaff Los Angeles Times VP Strategy
Journalism Jonathan Shieber Tech Crunch editor
Journalism Keith Teare Tech Crunch Co-founder
Journalism Andrew Wallenstein Variety Co-Editor-in-Chief
Journalism Robin Rowe Venture Hollywood Moderator
Millenials Liam Broza Bitscoop CEO Rowe
Millenials Irene Kang USC Medical Research Fellow Rowe
Millenials Kumar Arora Aroridex CEO
Millenials Joseph Shaposhnik TCW Portfolio Manager
Millenials Adam Mendler Moderator
Mindshift Ken Brosseau Decision Dynamics Founder
Mindshift Armin Pajand Rice University Assoc. Dir.
Mindshift David Florence Moderator
Music Michelle Jubelirer Capitol Music Group COO
Music Marc Geiger WME Worldwide Head of Music
Music Andrew Flad Gorfaine Schwartz Agency
Music Zoe Nash Atlantic Records
Music Alex Nahai Moderator
Non-profit Martin Broome
Non-profit Patrick McClenahan Goodwill SoCal CEO
Non-profit Jeanne Holm
Non-profit Cesley Toyfoya American Cancer Society
Non-profit David Scuster
Non-profit Kent Sexton Edward Charles Foundation Chair Moderator
SoCal EDU Ryan Holbrook CSUN
SoCal EDU Dennis Abremski
SoCal EDU Kyle Lewis UCSB
SoCal EDU Andy Wilson
SoCal EDU Kyle Murphy Pepperdine
SoCal EDU Jay Tucker UCLA
SoCal EDU Clint Schaff LA Times Moderator
Sports David Carter USC Clinical Mgmt. Assoc. Professor
Sports Bill Martin AEG CIO
Sports Sam Williams
Sports Justin Fargas TecTraum
Sports David Meltzer Moderator
VCs Jonathan Shieber Tech Crunch Editor
VCs Stephen Saltzman Intel Capital VR Managing Dir. Rowe
VCs Robert F. Perille
VCs Derek Norton
VCs Robin Rowe Venture Hollywood Moderator
Wellness Tricia Schumann BachHealth CEO Rowe
Wellness Heather Flannery Obesity PPM CEO Rowe
Wellness Thomas Farmer
Wellness Irene Kang USC Medical Research Fellow Rowe
Wellness Ximena Veliz My Naked Truth Author
Wellness Mark Sadownick Stanton Chase Partner Moderator
Workspaces Dan Dato Co-founder Cross Campus Rowe
Workspaces Matt Gammel Gensler
Workspaces Zeke Triana Cedar Sinai Facilities VP
Workspaces Lew Horne CBRE President
Workspaces Mark Sadovinck Moderator

Program.pdf  DetailedAgenda.pdf