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Recap of July 29th, 2018, meetup of the New Tech association in Santa Monica

By Robin Rowe

Santa Monica New Tech #199

Robin Rowe at meetup #199

Santa Monica, CA (Venture Hollywood) 2018/7/29 – For fun I lead the weekly New Tech Open Coffee meetup, a great place to meet people active in startups. Every Sunday at 10am. Special thanks to Panera Bread for hosting us.

Below are highlights of the introductions from the participants…

  1. Robin (that’s me): Of Venture Hollywood fame, about to launch cc:later.
  2. Milind:, IotT sewer monitoring startup Drain Sensei, a hit at this month’s New Tech Pitchfest.
  3. Ralf: Startup NextPitch, a crowdfunding series in the genre of Shark Tank.
  4. Keenan: Credit improvement startup.
  5. Rob: Mechanical engineer, family has a factory that prototypes startup products and produces metal castings.
  6. Peter: Freestyle Studios PR marketing firm.
  7. Peter: Content marketing studio Abraham.
  8. Alicia: UCLA Code Camp student and web developer.
  9. Fernando: Organizer of energy tech conference for Latin America
  10. Frederic and Adam: Crypto investor tech support startup Coin Squad
  11. Mark: Carbon fiber industrial 3D large printer startup
  12. Natascha: Java developer at Fox
  13. Margeaux: VC Lightspeed advisor and AI job-matching startup
  14. Doug: Social media startup with localized shopping and privacy, alternative to Facebook.
  15. Brian: Medical device startup, blood sensor.
  16. Daly: Full stack developer.
  17. Scott: Startup to incentivize organ donation.
  18. Tony: 5G, 3D, Linux mobile phone startup. Recently moved here from China. Tony gave a demo of his new phone. Uses a 10-layer screen to display 3D illusion without glasses. Display looked better to me than the prototype RED Hydrogen 3D phone I saw at AT&T Shape.
  19. Kelvin: Recruiting company startup
  20. JT: One of the New Tech organizers. Former EY management consultant. Has a 10-year-old leads generation company Global Residency to take to the next level.

It’s a knights of the round table type of event. There is no presentation. The first hour we go around the table with each person introducing himself or herself, with an emphasis on what he or she is trying to accomplish and how the group may be able to help. The second hour is networking.

With 31,000 members across active chapters in Santa Monica, London and Paris, New Tech is one of the largest associations on Our Open Coffee event focuses on networking, is more accessible for meeting new people than the larger New Tech event that’s a monthly pitchfest.

To connect with Robin Rowe, that’s me, the easiest way is to find me at LinkedIn. My background… Startups studio Venture Hollywood, innovation provider to Fortune 500 companies, C++ expert, Fortune 500 innovation lab director, DARPA PI, navy research scientist, NBC-TV technical director of broadcast news, and taught computer science at two universities.

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