Robin Rowe

About Robin Rowe

In addition to leading Venture Hollywood, Robin works closely with Fortune 500 companies as a creative technologist, innovation maker, mentor and trainer. Below are some of his innovation projects that resulted in products.

Lenovo ThinkReality AR glasses strategist. Architect for speech recognition, computer vision, 3D data decimation and hands-free visual programming. VFX software architect, virtual reality UE4 real-time mo-cap system Hollywood uses to add digital stunt doubles to major motion pictures, that Mattel uses to produce their hit cartoon series Barbie Vlogger, and that AAA game companies use to produce game trailers.

AT&T DirecTV Genie set-top box architect, user authentication and satellite channel expansion.

Econolite Cobalt software engineer, network communications and multi-platform ports. Safety-critical, real-time, embedded Linux traffic control system supports Smart Cities traffic shaping to greatly reduce traffic congestion.

GoPro IoT architect, cloud and automatic video editing.

CinePaint open source project leader. CinePaint has been used in making many major motion pictures, including the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films. CinePaint was used to add the arrows to the climatic bridge fight scene in The Last Samurai.

DreamWorks Animation image processing software architect, renderfarm data compression technology for Shark Tale.

USS Abraham Lincoln field test at sea, project manager and architect of DARPA AI crisis detection and management system.  While there’s no video of that system, this clip shows typical operations on the flight deck of the USS Lincoln.

Naval Postgraduate School adjunct professor, taught Advanced C++ to military officers.

University of Washington night school instructor, taught Intermediate C++ to retrain Boeing engineers.

NBC-5 broadcast engineer, built the most advanced robotic television studios in the world.

Beverly Hills
Candidate for Beverly Hills City Council 2020
ASIFA member
U.S. ANSI chairman of ISO/TC 279 WG 56007 Innovation Process Idea Management
CFO Alliance
CFO Alliance chairman of cyber-risks subcommittee.
Robin Rowe  in a Robinson R66 helicopter at Paramount Studios - June 2, 2018

Robin Rowe  in a Robinson R66 helicopter at Paramount Studios –  June 2, 2018


Robin can be reached via LinkedIn.