Robin Rowe on New Tech Open Coffee

Recap of July 22nd, 2018, meetup of startup influencers in Santa Monica

By Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe at SMNT #198

Robin Rowe at SMNT #198

Santa Monica, CA (Venture Hollywood) 2018/7/22 – I often lead the weekly Open Coffee meetup for New Tech. Special thanks to Panera Bread for hosting us.

With 31,000 members and active chapters in Santa Monica, London and Paris, New Tech is one of the largest associations on Our Open Coffee event focuses on networking, is more accessible for meeting new people than the larger New Tech event that’s a monthly pitchfest.

Open Coffee Club LA #OCCLA198

Sunday, Jul 22, 2018, 10:00 AM

Location details are available to members only.

33 New technologists Went

Free Event. NOTE: WE START ON TIME @ 10AM SHARP. 10AM-11AM Introductions. 11AM-12PM Informal Networking The OpenCoffee Club is an open concept originated in London 10 years ago. The goal was to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organize real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow. There are …

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Today’s meetup had 17 people, pretty typical for us, although sometimes it is twice that many. There is no presentation. It’s a knights of the round table type of event. The first hour we go around the table with each person introducing himself or herself, with an emphasis on what he or she is trying to accomplish and how the group may be able to help. The second hour is networking.

Below are highlights of my recollection of the introductions from some the participants…

  • Robin (that’s me): As a volunteer, I help run the Open Coffee meetup on Sundays. New Tech’s founder Marina is in London this week, working on the New Tech meetups there. About me… As a VC, I’m seeking capital for startups studio Venture Hollywood. As a technologist, I provide innovation consulting to Fortune 500 companies through Gosh Technology. My background… NBC-TV technical director of broadcast news, a navy research scientist, chief technologist and enterprise manager of a Fortune 500 defense company and taught computer science at two universities.
  • Natalie: New to startups, wants to create a startup and still deciding what type of company.
  • Ravin: Startup, an alternative to EventBrite.
  • Abbie: Startup, an alternative to GoFundMe.
  • Peter: Freestyle Studios PR marketing firm.
  • Rob: Mechanical engineer, family has a factory that prototypes startup products and produces metal castings.
  • Ralf: Startup NextPitch, a crowdfunding series in the genre of Shark Tank, has acquired Japanese partners and is expanding into Japan.
  • Dustin: IP attorney specializing in patents.
  • Todd: PR studio PR writing as a service. Will write your weekly blog post for you.
  • Vinh: Day job as a data analyst. Looking for interesting startups.
  • David: Formerly with Expedia. Looking for backend developers for a startup.
  • Nancy: Smart cities consultant. Nancy and I are members of the City of Beverly Hills technology committee, advising the city council on smart cities, ultra high speed Internet and other high tech.
  • Grant: Ex-army analyst. Startup BroadCouncil is a wiki-based app for mission planning. His laptop demo looks like a cross between the CIA Factbook and a Netflix movies queue where decisions have hypotheses that are voted and ranked by potential results. Alternative to Siemens NX CAD/PM software.
  • Jessica: IP attorney specializing in trademarks. I met Jessica hiking Temescal Canyon, a weekly trek and meditation I lead.
  • JT: One of the New Tech organizers. Former EY management consultant. Has a 10-year-old leads generation company Global Residency┬áto take to the next level.

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