OpenVoter Bringing FOSS Voting to Politics

OpenVoterWhat’s happening with OpenVoter?

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/12/29 OpenVoter is our Perl-based open source voting system originally developed by the Green Party but had been unmaintained for many years. An alternative to OpaVote. A self-hosted FOSS solution. Political parties often need to hold votes on committee matters and don’t want to share contact data of members with outsiders.

OpenVoter Progress

The original 2006 tarball from the link buried in the GP website is in the OpenVoter github repo. Needs to be tested localhost on Apache. Then build a demo public site. Expect install issues since Perl has changed since 2006.

The existing voting method is RCV (Ranked Choice Voting) which is complicated and not widely embraced. RCV needs to be converted into an option. A goal is to offer many voting method options.

Adding a new voting method called PoM (Plus or Minus) in which voters may instead cast a negative vote against a candidate, an anyone-but-him vote.

WordPress site is being installed and will need content.

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