VC Forum

Robin Rowe hosts monthly forum in Los Angeles with venture capitalists and startup founders

By Robin Rowe

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (Venture Hollywood) 2018/12/18 – Since before Venture Hollywood was founded in January of 2018, I’ve been hosting an educational event that promotes the local venture capital scene. My monthly investor forum features a panel of my VC friends and offers a platform for six selected startup founders to practice their pitches in front of a live audience. How to pitch.

Holding investor events builds the Los Angeles venture community. Many founders starting a company have never met any investors before and need to better understand how venture capital works. Personally, I always learn something new by bringing together a panel of my venture capitalist friends to discuss current market trends.

Besides these investor forums, I speak at conferences and at Los Angeles schools. My school presentations educate children about venture capital and encourage them to pursue a career in STEAM. I can speak to all five disciplines of STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Math) from my work as a navy research scientist, Fortune 500 chief technologist, university professor, television producer and vision research mathematician. 

Why Venture Hollywood?

Venture Hollywood is a private equity company that founds and owns the startups it manages. We don’t take pitches. Investors seeking truly innovative startups and impact investments invest in us.

It’s not unusual for millionaires to find themselves at a point in life when making money seems fairly easy and not very interesting anymore. Society expects such exotic creatures to retire to play golf the rest of their lives. An appealing fantasy in the abstract, when the moment comes to embrace the early retirement path, not so great.

Golf, pleasant pastime or insidious demise?

To spend one’s days in idleness with other exquisitely bored retired millionaires, retelling each other stories of past glories, isn’t just dreadful. It can be deadly. Study after study after study, has shown that those who retire early die sooner.

Retiring isn’t the answer. However, expecting satisfaction from the same boring job doesn’t make sense either.

How Typical Millionaires Are Made

Most millionaires made their money in real estate. A proven business model is to buy the far end of main street in a growing community, wait 20 years for a growing local population to encroach on your property. Reap a windfall after former corn fields become prime business real estate.

Millionaires who make it in the stock market may use a similar strategy. Buy a stock when it is cheap, be sitting on a bonanza when the market matures. Whether real estate or stocks, the formula is to acquire a future prime property in a market that’s about to boom, then wait for years for it to mature. Gets boring.

Entering High Tech Ventures

Millionaires seeking a new and exciting venture to engage them may look next to high tech investing. Unfortunately, not very exciting if they bring with them the same boring business strategy that worked so well in real estate and stocks. That is, buy on the cheap, then wait for the market to eventually push up the value.

Even if we imagine that high tech is not so different from real estate and stocks, that we can make our  traditional business model work in this arena, what’s the point? When looking beyond real estate and stocks because they seem so boring, why would we seek boring high tech investments? Why not embrace what we came here to do?

Real Satisfaction

At Venture Hollywood our mandate is to create exciting ventures that mean something. Yes, we have a mission to create unicorns. However, we expect to have fun doing it. Make money the measure of our value to society. Live an exciting lifestyle in a family of like-minded adventurers having an impact.