Our Investment in Product Innovation

  • Brainzos – Innovation: replace medical exams with games that monitor health, brain activity and emotional state. Detect Alzheimer’s and other disorders. Empower placebo effect. Track healings and spontaneous remission of disease.
  • Cadre – Innovation: replace Facebook with a web authoring system that is the critical subset of features inspired by Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia and Twitter.
  • Cc:later – Innovation: replace human assistants with bots that organize our schedules and our life.
  • CinePaint – Innovation: replace Adobe Photoshop with an open source high dynamic range graphics program. Software developed with support from Hollywood (Sony, ILM) and used to produce the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films.
  • DashPaid – Innovation: replace store coupons with cryptocurrency. Disaster area emergency communications. Ad hoc mesh network handles vending payments at grocery stores and finding lost persons despite telephone, Internet, electricity, and banking infrastructure being offline.
  • Factcis – Innovation: replace human analysts with autonomous AI bots that verify or debunk breaking news stories within seconds. Monitor the entire Internet for truth, whether mainstream news or fringe. Same architect who designed the DARPA autonomous news monitoring system installed at NORAD to assist intelligence analysts. Natural language processing and machine reasoning.
  • GeoTrue – Innovation: replace Google Maps with a geodesic mapping and autonomous routing system that doesn’t need an Internet connection and has high performance for embedded systems.
  • Heroic Robots – Innovation: inspired by the DARPA Robotics Challenge to create first-responder robots and Star Trek EMH doctor, replace medics with autonomous paramedic robots that air-drop into disaster areas, pandemics, nuclear reactor accidents, and war zones without endangering the lives of human doctors. Supporting technologies in telemedicine, AR, speech recognition, gaze, gesture, remote expert communications, and soft robotics.
    • Heroic AR: Augmented reality headset that uses OCR to read signs aloud so illiterate refugees can learn to read and write on the job, to address refugee crisis in Sweden
    • Heroic H20: Personal air well that extracts drinking water out of the atmosphere, to address water shortage crisis in Mexico City
    • Heroic HVAC: Personal air conditioner and heater, solid state air conditioner blows cold and hot purified air, to address crisis of residential burning of raw coal and wood
    • Heroic Scanner: Personal MRI scanner, portable body scanner to treat patients on the scene, to address healthcare crisis by making everyone a first responder telemedic
  • Hollywood Daily Star – Innovation: replace entertainment reporters with bots that report show premieres and interview celebrities.
  • RapidTo – Innovation: replace bus and train schedules with an app that makes taking the bus or train as easy as Uber. With funding from Deutsch Telekom.
  • RushPriority – Innovation: replace Microsoft Outlook with SOX/blockchain email client that prioritizes email. Machine reasoning understands and answers emails for us.

Innovation Awards

  1. HeroX Cash Prize – GIS Solutions Challenge for GeoTrue Open Source Map Routing, Nov. 2018, sponsored by Tax Management Associates.
  2. HeroX Cash Prize – GIS Solutions Challenge for GeoTrue SQL Queries, Nov. 2018, sponsored by Tax Management Associates.
  3. HeroX Cash Prize – Livable Smart Cities for RapidTo Rapid Transit Management System, Sept. 2018, sponsored by Deutsche Telekom
  4. HeroX Recognition Prize – Save Them All for SavePets Crypto Game to save shelter pets, July 2018
  5. HeroX Cash Prize – FinTech Partner for AI Chatbot Financial Advisors Team, Dec. 2017