GPT-2 TensorFlow, Bringing AI to Automatic Technical Document Writing

TensorflowWhat’s happening with GPT-2 and TensorFlow?

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/12/29

GPT-2 is a Python AI platform built on TensorFlow. It is a complete-my-thought AI that given an intro paragraph will continue writing on the same topic to any length specified. After OpenAI moved on to closed-source GPT-3, their open source GPT-2 development stopped. We maintain a fork of GPT-2 that fixes bugs and adds new features.

We’re using GPT-2 to draft technical standards using AI. ANSI/ISO 56007 is a future world standard for innovation idea management best practices, a 50-page document. The U.S. ANSI committee, which I chair, is highly innovative. Using innovation best practices and AI to draft documents.

GPT-2 TensorFlow Progress

Using the generic corpus that comes with GPT-2 is not optimal for writing highly technical documents. We’re training GPT-2 with a better corpus. That involves giving GPT-2 a set of text documents to mimic. Also in development is Funnel, grading software that captures and rates a company’s innovation process.

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