1. Why are you called Venture Hollywood?
    While we have some entertainment-related ventures, Venture Hollywood’s name is geographic. We were founded in Hollywood.
  2. What is your mission?
    To create unicorns, that is, companies worth a billion dollars. We’re active in aerospace, animation, AI, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, cloud, electronics, embedded systems, entertainment, film VFX, financial, games, healthcare, IoT, media, mobile, robotics, Smart Cities and television.
  3. May I ask you to sign an NDA?
    The protocol is that the entity tasked to sign something disadvantageous is the person asking. That may be a quit-claim stating that you understand we see many independently-developed technologies, that you won’t sue no matter what, even if something seems similar.
  4. How do I prevent people stealing my invention?
    Due to zeitgeist, often many people independently reach similar ideas at the same time. From a business perspective, an invention may be worth 2.5% of the value of a product, is relatively minuscule. Implementation and marketing will cost much more. Few have the engineering staff or marketing channel to be able to successfully steal a bare invention. However, if you can’t tell anyone how your invention works, because it can be readily copied, that’s disqualifying to potential investors or partners. The first thing any interested party may want to do with your plan is discuss it with your competitor, someone with the competence to vet you.
  5. May I pitch you my film? My startup? My latest invention?
    Nope. We don’t take pitches. We build startups internally from scratch.
  6. Are you an incubator? An accelerator? 
    Not really. They take pitches, run competitive programs and host founders boot camps. Incubators may nurture idea stage ventures to get them to MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Accelerators like to build on an MVP and push get-to-market.
  7. Where’s your co-working space?
    None. We’re not an incubator or accelerator. We don’t host other companies.
  8. What job openings do you have?
    We recruit and staff all types of positions at our startups. So far, we’ve hired mostly offshore, in the UK, India and Russia, for project engineering teams for prototype development.
  9. Do you need a recruiter?
    One of our startups is a recruiting company.
  10. How do I join your think tank?
    People may imagine us a think tank of theoretical scientists who sit around hashing brilliant ideas out of thin air. Not really. We solve challenge problems. Either problems we personally encounter or challenges posed by grant-making organizations. If attacking grand challenges sounds like fun, start by reading DARPA SBIR BAA challenges and DARPA FedBizOps opportunities. Enjoy.
  11. Where do you raise funds?
    From founders’ funds, grants, corporate sponsors, venture funds, private equity and crowdfunding.
  12. How do you decide which ideas go forward?
    We create a spreadsheet with a pro forma financial model. If that model doesn’t project us reaching a billion-dollar company, the idea is considered not ready yet or too small. Next, we look for passionate early adopters, influencers who tell us, “I need that right now!” That indicates pent-up demand.
  13. How do you make money?
    We earn it. We bring great new products to market and create profitable enterprises.