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Why Pitchfests?

What a startup gets from a pitchfest, is practice for pitching to investors. Better to have a panel of experts tell you how to improve than to blow a pitch in front of investors for lack of practice.

Except on Shark Tank on TV, nobody ever invests in the room, although a few pitchfests offer a cash prize. The best potential outcome for a startup is someone in the room will refer them, result in a private investor meeting later.

Startups further along present at trade shows such as TechCrunch Disrupt, for much greater exposure. Startup founders should advance to private investor meetings or trade shows, not expect much beyond practice from pitchfests.

Some pitchfests are pay-to-play, so the organizer can cover meeting costs. Prices range from free to a lot. Pitchfest startups are almost entirely seed round. If these companies didn’t lack money, they wouldn’t be seeking funding. So, a tough market for those who expect to sell services to them.

We enjoy speaking at venture events and meeting great people. Secret to Becoming a Pitchfest Presenter

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