Celebrity Judge at Pitch Globally, Really Me?

Robin Rowe on panel of celebrity judges at Pitch Globally Los Angeles

By Robin RoweWeWork Fine ArtsWeWork Fine Arts Building, Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA (Venture Hollywood) 2018/8/10 – I’m one of the tech celebrity judges at the Pitch Globally pitchfest organized by Donavon Urfalian. That’s coming up on August 22nd. There are many great pitchfest events his month. There’s the New Tech pitchfest I’m organizing and hosting for August 23rd in Marina del Rey. The LAVA Startup Mill pitchfest on August 28th organized by David Navar. The Expert DOJO Investor Festival organized by Brian Mac Mahon for August 29th and 30th.

So what’s different about Pitch Globally? I mean, besides that I’m a celebrity? Not that I see myself that way. I’m just a guy hoping to help others going through business challenges and trying to learn more about venture and people along the way.

Before I answer my own question of what’s special at Pitch Globally, I want to mention what there is to like about pitchfests generally. I’m not in the pitchfest business and don’t try to make any money on it. For me, it’s the joy of meeting smart people who have the courage to chase a dream.

Pitch Globally is a Sharktank-style event with celebrity judges that brings Silicon Valley venture capital to Los Angeles. According to organizer Donavon Urfalian, 80% of all funding in Los Angeles actually happens in Silicon Valley. He’s made it a goal to bring Silicon Valley investors and analysts here for pitches, to expand the investment opportunities in the Los Angeles market.

Bringing big funds to Los Angeles is important because the relatively small venture capital base here creates a market that can be under-capitalized. For example, while having coffee in Beverly Hills with a local VC recently, I asked him, what is your sweet spot in deal terms? He answered, there’s a broad range, ideally, $150k for 20% equity, with the caveat that the company already has $10k per month in revenue.

I wondered aloud, what owner would accept such a deal? The VC said he has founders who want it. No shortage of takers, in fact. Fortunately, venture capital isn’t always so thin on the ground in Los Angeles. Ordermark raised a $3.1 million round with local capital led by Mucker Capital. However, that may be more the exception than the rule.

Pitch Globally may be the best access to Silicon Valley venture capital without going to Silicon Valley.  Pitch Globally pitchfest is in downtown Los Angeles on August 22nd, 2018.


  • 5.45-6.15 pm: Registration and Networking
  • 6.15—7.30 pm: Startups Pitch to the Panel with Brief Q&A after each pitch
  • 7.30- 7.45 pm: Investor Huddle, Winner declared
  • 7.45-8 pm. Networking
  • 8.15- 10 pm: After-Party at the Rooftop Bar of the Standard Hotel


WeWork Fine Arts Building
811 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

See you there…