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Sparkxyz logoStartups face December 9th deadline to apply to Los Angeles Plug and Play Media & Advertising Accelerator

By Robin Rowe

Beverly Hills, California (Venture Hollywood) 2019/12/1 – “Plug and Play Media & Advertising is looking to shortlist 25 startups whose innovative technology will disrupt the media and advertising industries,” says Sparkxyz CEO Lucas Pols. “Plug and Play jumped on Spark, and I’m helping them push applications.”

Update: Winners announced mParticle, Influential, Hive, Battlefy, Quid, Lucky Mobility, QuanticMind, , , MachEye, , and Recess selected.

Apply here: Plug & Play Media and Advertising Spring 2020 Accelerator. Deadline: 12/09/2019. Sparkxyz provides a guide for startup founders.

“I welcome everyone to join us in our mission to build the largest media and advertising ecosystem on the planet,” says Plug and Play Media & Advertising head Mehrad Moeini. “The future of the media and advertising industry will be personalized, automated, immersive, experimental and measurable.”

Chosen applicants will have the opportunity to pitch to Plug and Play’s corporate partners Amazon Moments, Dentsu Aegis Network, THE THIRD FLOOR, Levity Live, Intango Ventures and the United States Postal Service. The partners will vote for the startups that they would most like to collaborate with over the course of a three-month accelerator program.

“We focus on the U.S., but it’s also important we grow globally, and Plug and Play can help us do that,” says Amazon Moments head Amir Kabbara. Amazon Moments is a marketing tool that delivers incentive prizes to customers in over 100 countries. Disney Heroes Battle Mode increased their net revenue 7x by offering players a $5 Amazon credit for reaching Team Level 15 in the game.

“I really admire the vision of Plug and Play,” says Dentsu Aegis Network product and innovation MD Jeff Tan. “Creating an innovation platform where we’re getting content creators, and brands and agencies and technology startups in a room together.”

Headquartered in London, Dentsu Aegis Network Ltd. is a multinational media and digital marketing communications company , a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese advertising and public relations firm Dentsu.

“It’s important for people on the corporate side to understand the technologies, to know what’s doable, what’s not doable, and utilize those technologies,” says Levity Live CEO Alireza Ghaemian. “I think that connection would really help both sides.”

Based in Los Angeles, Levity Live represents emerging and established comedic artists in motion pictures, television, theater and live performance. The company owns and operates a national network of comedy venues including the Improv, Levity Live and Copper Blues.

Based in Tel Aviv, Intango Ventures is a corporate fund (CVC) that invests $50K per startup for 8% in ordinary shares in early-stage digital marketing and advertising technology startups. They look for an outstanding founding team with specific domain expertise, deep technology, global ambition, digital marketing or advertising technology, full-time founders and at early stage. Intango is an advertising network with AI technology for precision targeting, high-intent traffic sourcing, and results-driven advertising.

Based in Los Angeles, THE THIRD FLOOR is a visualization studio for the production of next-generation media content for feature film, television, commercials, video games, virtual reality and themed attractions. For the HBO series Watchmen, THE THIRD FLOOR provided previs and techvis, working out action sequences, story elements, and visual aesthetics. THE THIRD FLOOR was founded from the third floor of George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch house in 2004.

THE THIRD FLOOR clients include Disney, Netflix, Amazon Studios, ILM, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros, MGM, Paramount, Universal Studios, Lionsgate, Blizzard, Amblin Partners, Universal Studios Theme Parks, Bad Robot, Riot Games, HBO, Starz, Electronic Arts, Fox Innovation Lab, Audi, BMW, Samsung, Pepsi, Acura, Subaru, Coors, Mercedes, Burger King, Chrysler, Levi’s, HTC, Hyundai and Nissan.

The United States Postal Service delivers about 40% of the world’s mail, holds a monopoly over the delivery of non-urgent letters. Developers use USPS Web Tools APIs to make shipping easier for clients.

Plug and Play is a stage-agnostic accelerator and there is no equity stipulation to participate. For early-stage companies, Plug and Play’s accelerator program also offers office space at their Silicon Valley campus and regular office hour sessions with corporate mentors.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play has 25 locations globally, including a downtown Los Angeles office. With over 10,000 startups and 300 corporate partners, they provide active investments with 200 Silicon Valley VCs and host more than 700 networking events per year.